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"...egy összekuszált világ emberiségének lelkiismerete vagyok."
Albert Wass de Czege (1979)
allegation that the author was complicit in a massacre of Jews in the bitter 1944 defensive battle against the combined Red Army and Romanian forces near Sarmas some 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the Wass family home.

Service on the Russian Front

He entered the Hungarian Army voluntarily in July 1943 as an over-age reservist at the lowest officer rank, Zaszlos. In fact, it is not unusual for Armies the world over to make officers of college graduates in their ranks. And citizens who are college graduates accept the added responsibility as a duty, and not as privilege.
This was after the turning point in a war that he did not welcome. After the Axis disaster of the Battle of Stalingrad on the Volga, the best hope for Hungary was a stout defense of the homeland against a vengeful Red Army.
He earned two German medals for exercising daring and sound tactical combat-unit leadership during desperate retrograde battles east of the Carpathian Mountains while temporarily supporting German infantry. In this fighting his horse mounted Huszars were decimated by Russian tanks and machine guns. This is the rank in the combat arms that suffers the greatest casualties. The medals he received were not Nazi medals, but medals awarded to Prussian soldiers since Frederick the Great for selfless bravery in the face of danger.

The Defense of Hungary and Its Citizens

After this fighting beyond the Carpathians ended in more losses for the Hungarian Army, including the destruction of his cavalry unit, Wass Albert was assigned to a minor post on the personal staff of a high-ranking Hungarian General, Lajos Veress Dálnoki, who was arrested on 16 October 1944, when the Fascist Szalasi regime seized power. The generals three volume memoir, Magyarország Honvédelme a II. Világháború Előtt és Alatt  published in Munich, Germany in 1974, recounts the details of this time. The General Veress was tried and jailed for plotting against the Nazi Germans to end the war and avoid Soviet occupation.  Serving under this general, Wass Albert helped obstruct the systematic collection of Jews, assisted the escape of “class enemies” and Non-Romanian minorities from a vengeful combination of the Soviet and Romanian Armies, and fought bravely among the remnants of the Hungarian Army against overwhelming forces in the last defense of Transylvania and southern Hungary.
After the arrest and imprisonment of General Veress, Zaszlos Wass Albert was reassigned to serve on the staffs of a series of commands in the Second Hungarian Army, and, after the final disintegration of that command, in successor commands controlling the final battles from Debrecen to Sopron. In January 1945 he was finally promoted from the lowest officer grade to the next higher. After the fall of Budapest and the collapse of the Hungarian Army, he, along with other officers of the Hungarian Army, escaped the Red Army in April 1945 to surrender to the American forces closing in from the West. He ended his Hungarian military service when the American Corps Headquarters in Regensburg, Germany, discharged him from its military prison to civilian life on November 15, 1945. It was the policy of the American forces at the time to investigate all officer prisoners of war for possible involvement in war crimes or connections to the Nazi Party. He would not have been
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